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Going from Dark to Light Is A Process…

by | Oct 12, 2021

When a client decides they want to go from their naturally dark hair to a lighter color whether it be a neutral blonde or a platinum blonde they must understand that sometimes in order to achieve this look it’s not only a financial investment but also can be a multiple step process to get there.

First things first a consultation. This is where the stylist will take the time to sit with the client and discuss the needs, wants, and desires of the client and what will be the finished look. During this time, the stylist will decide what is the best way to achieve the final look. It is helpful when the client brings in inspirational pictures or ideas with them, whether it be on Instagram or a picture on their phone, this helps the stylist determine exactly what the client is looking for. During the consultation, the stylist will discover exactly how the next process will work based on what’s currently in the client’s hair (meaning previously colored) or if the hair is virgin hair, from there they will assess how many visits it will take to achieve the desired look.

Sometimes if there is already color in the client’s hair where it be a base color or already existing highlights it can prolong the desired look of the client or it can help move the process along. For example, if the client has previously colored hair and they want to be really light it can sometimes take more than one appointment to get to the desired look depending on how the existing color lifts.

Most stylist will agree that the main concern is the integrity of their client’s hair and wanting then to maintain the strength, health, and shine of the hair. We all want our clients “hair dreams” to come true but without having their hair get damaged in the process, with that being said, naturally dark hair has very strong underlying pigments that live in the hair. These pigments can sometimes be stubborn and can take one to two visits to completely remove from the hair in a safe fashion.

The process of going from dark to light usually Consists of completely lightening the whole head of hair, whether it be a full head of highlights which is this most traditional creating an overall lighter look with naturally mixed in lowlights , a double process which is like going platinum or fully blonde with no dimension, or a form of balayage which is more of a grown-out look leaving the roots darker and gradually getting lighter.

These can be larger processes which can tend to cost more than your usual visit to the salon, it is also important to make sure you’re maintaining your look by doing hair treatments in between your services and continuing to keep up with your haircuts to help maintain the health of your hair! Head over to our blog about hair treatments and conditioners to learn more about what we at The Hair Spa can offer you! You are also going to want to make sure you are using the correct products in between your services. Your stylist will be sure to walk you through what is necessary to use while you are in for your appointment! These products can vary between what you are having done to your hair and can also differ depending on your personal hair needs!

XO - Kristen