Re-Opening Date June 22, 2020

Let me start by saying we are ecstatic that we have received the green light to reopen. You can rest assured that TLC is at the top of our menu (with sterilization of course) just for you. We want to Thank You all so much for your understanding and warm wishes and concerns for us. We have all missed you terribly and are looking forward to seeing you again.


While things are certainly not “business as usual,” we wanted to let you know we are here for you in our clean, comfortable, and safe environment. Our standards are well “above and beyond” what is mandated by the State of NJ Cosmetology Health Board.

Our staff and talented Designers will continue to go above and beyond for our clients…it is second nature. Our industry has always held us to a much higher level of sterilization, so much of what we are required to do, we have already been doing

Although, we have the green light to open it is not without State Mandated Requirements. No Worries we have this covered, your safety is important to us. Here are a few things we have done to ensure safety for everyone who comes into our Salon:

  • Our Salon is following recommendations made by the CDC (Center for Disease Control).
    OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration & State Cosmetology Board).
  • All staff members are Certified in regard to sanitation protocols via Barbacide.
  • All heat/ air conditioning units have been sanitized and a new UV sanitation filter has been installed. This system will filter the air extracting 98.8% of all bacteria and then filter sanitized air back into the salon.
  • Inside we have cleaned and sanitized the ceiling/disinfected the entire area. Also, we have cleaned/disinfected the ceiling vents inside the salon.
  • Each Styling station has been disinfected and will continue to be after each client.
  • Our snack bar has been revised, we have replaced our glass coffee mugs w/ individual wrapped paper coffee cups, lid, coffee pod & stirrer.
  • Snacks have been individually wrapped in sealed small plastic bags.
  • The Restroom has a “hands-free” hand soap/sanitizer, we have clean bleached white cloth hand towels for individual use.
  • When you walk into the Salon there will be a sanitation station for your convenience.
  • UV Lights have been purchased to sterilize non-washable areas.


Front Desk Protocol

  • Due to close quarters at our front desk, we have temporarily installed a plexiglass barrier between our client & front desk staff to ensure safety for all.
  • We have set up an entry station for sanitation as you walk into the Salon for your convenience.
  • It is state required all clients / stylists wear a mask.
  • ONLY clients with a prescheduled appointment are allowed in the Salon.
  • NO Walk-Ins… for any reason…
  • NO ONE can accompany a client unless they have an appointment.
  • NO Children currently at this time.
  • NO person will be allowed to sit in Waiting Area.
  • Retail Area must be accompanied by your stylist.
  • Doors & handles will be sanitized.
  • If you do not feel well or are running a fever, we request you reschedule your appointment.
  • Stylist are required to report any client who is not feeling well.
  • Stylist have the right to refuse servicing any client if the stylist is uncomfortable.
  • We have implemented a 6ft distance requirement between each working station.
  • The Staff will wear a face mask during your service, client must also wear masks.



  • It is important we advise you, that if you NO SHOW for your appointment, chances are, based on the demand of the stylist time, we will not be able to reschedule you for 30-60 days. So please call if you need to cancel, so we can fill in you time slot with someone who is waiting for an earlier date.
  1. Do Not come to the salon to make your appointment, all appointment should be made by phone.
  2. If you get the answering machine, please just leave your name & phone # – Please Do Not leave a message, just your name and phone #.
  3. When we call, please be prepared to answer the following questions when making your appointment.
    1. What do you need to have done… be specific each service needs a certain amount of time we want to make sure we scheduled you according to your needs.
    2. Please note we will NOT be able to add any other service that has not been scheduled your appointment, that is why you must be clear as to what you need done when you make your appointment.
    3. VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION: Since your last visit have you used anything on your hair other than shampoo & conditioner? If you have used anything else (color, color spray) PLEASE tell us during appointment making otherwise we may have to reschedule your appointment. Using any other products may result in a color correction which your stylist would need to know based on the time that would be needed.
  4. Please understand if you are getting color retouch, you may have an upcharge for your color because of the need to use more color then usual.

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